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Sunday, 16 July 2017


I apologise for my two-ish month hiatus, I was in a dangerous mental state and was not in any place to be on second life or blog.
I am back now though!

For my first day back I decided to go and play, I picked a beautiful flower but those bees got jealous I had a flower and chased me!


❥Hair- Exile (Gina gift)
❥Dress - Moose - Mandy full outfit (Top,skirt and shoes seperately)
The shoes come with a wonderful HUD allowing you to create a mix & match look with each three components.
The Mandy outfit is at Thimble! 
Beginning July 20th 

Pose- P.O.S.E Bees


Sunday, 21 May 2017


It's Madi's first day back at school and she has the coolest notebook for spring!
What about you??


❥Hair- Ayashi
❥Head- TD - Lana mesh head
❥Body- TD - ToddleeDoo BabyGirl
❥Notebook - GBK - Spring Silver (& Gold) @ Thimble!
(Start Date: May 20th
Price- 75 L$ Per Play
End Date: June 15th)
❥Dress - SO - Julie School Uniform



My momma took me on a walk in a really old looking town... I got bored so I started playing on my little phone that I got as a present! 
Look at the cutesy case it came with!!


❥Hair- Marketplace
❥Head- TD - Lana mesh head
❥Body- TD - ToddleeDoo BabyGirl
❥Phone- KP - Baby Bottle Phone (Gacha)
Hoodie: Junk Food


Sunday, 14 May 2017


Today I had my first flying lessons!
I was a bit shaky but I think I am getting the hang of it now!

❥Hair- Exile - Gina (Group Gift)
❥Head- TD - Lana mesh head
❥Body- TD - ToddleeDoo BabyGirl
❥Wings- Tiptoes
Outfit- Baby Pie -  Fairytopia 


Where was Madi?


Monday, 8 May 2017


Oof... today was super duper sunny so I decided to go to the playground!
The long grass kept tickling my tummy and it made me laugh a lot.
It made me a little sad that one of the swings was broken though, maybe it will get fixed one day!

❥Hair- Pr!tty - Genia
❥Head- TD - Lana mesh head
❥Body- TD - ToddleeDoo BabyGirl
❥Nails -*{GBK}* Heart Love Nails 
@ Hello Beautiful
❥Outfit- {:Moose:}  - Cotton Wishes (Lavender shown)
Available in:
❥Pose- P.o.s.e - Princess 

Where was Madi?!

StoryBrooke Gardens!


Tuesday, 2 May 2017


I feels super princessy in my new outfit!
I could be the next princess of the worldy!
Bow downnnn to Princess Madiiiii!
Or curtsy c:
❥Hair- Doe - Scarlet (Two Tone)
❥Head- TD - Lana mesh head
❥Body- TD - ToddleeDoo BabyGirl
❥Outfit- Babygirl - Baby Princess Gacha
Coming to Kid To Kid (5th May!)

Monday, 1 May 2017


Gawsh its a good thing I was prepared today!
As the smart girly I am, I made sure me n' mommy checked the weather and it was gonna rain!
I took all my stuff with me to the beach and it did end up raining but it didn't ruin the day!
So so many puddles to jump in! Plus the rain made a pretty sound when it landed on the sea.

❥Hair- Ayashi - Masuzu
❥Head- TD - Lana mesh head
❥Body- TD - ToddleeDoo BabyGirl
❥Outfit- S&S - Pretty In Pink
❥Scarf- S&S - Bright Scarf
❥Mittens- Lazo - Mittens with Hold Pose
❥RainBoots- S&S - In the Mandy's Fall Outfit
❥Umbrella- CB - My Winter Umbrella


'It wasn't me!' 
My most used sentence. 
My mommy and daddy came home today to a big big mess.
I found the cabinet where they hide all da bubble baths and I mixed em' all together!
So many bubbles... even my doggy Bubby joined me!
I think I am in big trouble though...

❥Hair: Magika. Shimmer
❥Outfit - GBK - Dancing Swimmer (3 versions)

❥ AVAILABLE AT: Once Upon A Child Event 
99 L$ Each OR 250 L$ for fatpack!
Starts 5th
Ends 28th
Hurry up but don't worry!
The outfit will be available in-store for same price after the event.

Sunday, 30 April 2017


GiggleBlocks Kids has released these adorable overalls in 3 different styles and they are possibly the most adorable outfit I own!!

These outfits are available at the ATP event for 99 L$ each!

❥Hair - Magika - Little
❥Overalls - GBK - Shelly
Left: Sea Life
Middle: Seahorse
Right: Seahorse Stripes


I managed to find my old ballet outfit and do some dancing today! It felt really good to do it again after so long.

❥Hair - Magika - Little
❥Tutu&Leotard - GBK - Ella Gray Dancer

GBK released their new logo and I think it is adorable!
Take a look --

Thursday, 20 April 2017


Today I edited my avi and made a kind of 'Big Sister' look and I love it!
I also found a good outfit to match both of them in and I gotta say, I think my big sister avi is cuter than my baby one oopsies.

❥Hair - Beusy. Crush  Double Bun
❥Shirt- BABY. Tessa Top
❥Shorts- S&S Stretchy Shorts(From the egg hunt gift pack)
❥Socks Left- S&S Over Knee Socks(From Night Dress)
❥Socks Right- S&S Socks(From Mandy Outfit)